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5 reasons to participate to a #Hackathon

Last week I got invited by WHAT (Women Hackers Action Tank) to speak about #Women #Leadership and #Entrepreneurhip during their hackathon event related to Women, Entrepreneurship and Social and Solidarity Economy.

Oooowkey…You said a hacka-what?

What exactly is a hackathon?

I would define it as a tech neologism made up by « hack » (the other word for the computer piracy) and « thon » that relates to « marathon ».

Oooowkey…and then?

And then, a hackathon is generally a 48 hours to help someone in a collaborative thinking transform an idea or a project into something structured. It’s basically like a 48 hours-race, like you are running a marathon. The group has to come up with a clear and structured project in that short period of time. Then the project’s holder has to pitch it in a few minutes (commonly 3 minutes). Continue Reading « 5 reasons to participate to a #Hackathon »